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How does ParkingDetection work? How does it detect the occupancy of a parking lot?
ParkingDetection is a complex system for management of parking lots. The sensorial part is only one of its components. We prefer our own camera solution of parking management as it is the most effective way of monitoring individual parking spots for the majority of parking locations. Detection of actual occupancy of the parking spot is reached with advanced methods of artificial intelligence (AI), e.g. with deep-neural networks specially developed and trained for this purpose. Unlike the majority of competing solutions, using image analysis, ParkingDetection is not a system based on detection of license plates.
Can ParkingDetection also use some other types of sensors for detection of occupancy?
Yes, it can. ParkingDetection is an open system. This means that it can be combined both with data from ground sensors, as well as with inputs from other (including existing) cameras and devices, even within a single parking lot.

The solution only with cameras usually has, however, many advantages, including its highly favourable price in comparison with magnetic sensors, for example.

I want to integrate ParkingDetection into my own software. Would it be possible?
Yes, it would. This is made possible by our API (certified Invipo Ready Product: http://www.invipo.com/en), which allows you to acquire the actual occupancy, detection of  parking violations and many other valuable data. ParkingDetection can be easily integrated into higher units (IoT).
How many parking spots can be monitored with one of your cameras?

In ideal conditions (especially on large parking lots), one ParkingDetection camera can cover up to 400 parking spots. On average, the detection range is between 20-30 spots per one camera. Our system is suitable both for off-street and on-street parking lots. It can also be used at indoor parking lots.

What are the infrastructure requirements of your system?

Thanks to our own development of hardware, the HW requirements are very low. It is only necessary to provide us with power supply and data connectivity, which also has extremely low requirements in case that image data transmission is not required. As far as connectivity options are concerned, ParkingDetection can use LTE/Wi-Fi/Ethernet – optical/mechanical type of connection. Power supply does not even have to be permanent. In case of placing our system on public lightning, we provide a back-up supply system (such as a battery).

What about some special requirements for position of a camera? Are there any?
There are actually no limitations of our system from the viewpoint of the required angle of the camera. It can either be fully Bird’s eye view or even side/front/back view. For reliable detection of a camera, it is necessary to find a position that guarantees at least 70% visibility of the parking spot and a minimal resolution of 40 pixels. We will, of course, help you with finding the best position for the camera.
Is there any time delay in the recorded image? What is the detection rate of this system?

The system uses continuous scanning and data processing, which takes place every second. The time delay depends on speed of data connection and mostly does not take than 3 seconds. ParkingDetection is a system working in real time.

And what about the accuracy of vehicle detection? Does it also work in, lets say, rainy or foggy weather conditions?
The detection accuracy is extremely high – around 99% as a standard. Worsened weather conditions (such as rain, fog or even a snowfall) do not have a significant impact if there is no serious damage on the image input side. There is a simple rule – if you are still able to see and recognize the current occupancy of the parking lot with your own eyes, our system can do it as well.
Is it possible to use existing cameras and connect ParkingDetection to my existing camera network?
Indeed. You can connect the existing camera network and minimalize the fixed costs of your project. If you are considering this type of solution for your project, contact us at the info@parkingdetection.com or use the contact form on our website.
Does ParkingDetection allow reservation of a concrete parking spot?
Yes, it does. You can use our mobile application or website interface for this purpose. The system can not, however, enforce the reservation without other external components. Feel free to contact us at info@parkingdetection.com with specifications and requirements of your project. We will evaluate it and do our very best to design a complex parking solution fitting your individual needs.
Is there any way of observing my parking lot online?
If there is allowed image-data transfer from the parking lot, you will be able to view it in real time using your web browser or our mobile application. All you have to do is authenticate yourself in our Control and Management System (CMD) as an authorized recipient of data from the particular parking lot, using your account name and password.
What about data safety? How can you prevent leakage of sensitive data or recognition of faces of persons on the recorded image, for example?

Data safety is one of our top priorities. ParkingDetection was, from the very beginning, developed with maximal safety as a goal while keeping the highest customer-orientation variability of our parking solutions as possible. Evaluation of image data can also run locally, so it is it is possible to entirely forbid sending image data outside of the car park. In case of a cloud-based solution, image data are forgotten immediately after evaluation and, therefore do not even have to be stored. Data from our cameras can also be anonymized at the parking lot before they are sent. If you choose to use our hardware, we will ensure that no component of our system is visible on the internet. All data transfers are encrypted with asymmetric encryption algorithms according to the state-of-the-art standards in field of safe data communication.

Does your system allow integration of a payment gateway or a ticket machine?

Of course. ParkingDetection already supports several HW/SW third-party products. You only have to choose which modules have to be made accessible (for example payment gateway module, module for a parking lot gate, reservation module etc.) We are open for integration of new HW/SW components. Do not hesitate to contact us at info@parkingdetection.com with specifications and requirements of your project.

Can ParkingDetection also recognize license plates of vehicles?

Yes, the license plate recognition can be easily added to a standard detection of occupancy. We use special ParkingDetection ALPR cameras for this purpose. They are placed at the entrance or an exit of a parking lot. In combination with overseeing ParkingDetection cameras and using advanced tracking algorithms, it is possible to acquire not only the information about that parking spot’s occupancy, but also type and license plate of the vehicle parking there. This system also supports license plates at the level of parking control – you can for example make a list of license plates with permission to enter the parking lot. You can also restrict a  concrete parking spot for a particular license plate.

Does it allow navigation for empty parking spots?

It does, and it can be actually done in more ways. The navigation can be ensured with ParkingDetection LED panels or a mobile application for drivers. ParkingDetection LED panels are de facto IoT devices, so they can be installed at any location. You can also send your own text messages to the ParkingDetection LED panel and let it display a message of your choice (for example about a traffic closure, undergoing on-road works etc.). Drivers can be easily navigated to a concrete empty parking spot with a ParkingDetection mobile application for drivers.

Are there any additional functions of the system, such as statistics or other benefits?
With ParkingDetection, you will not only get the actual occupancy and a possibility to define your own parking rules, but also advanced statistics about the utilization of the individual parking spots, alongside with turnover rate of the whole parking lot. The system can also monitor payment morale and detect a whole range of parking delicts etc. The solution with cameras also immensely increases the overall safety of the monitored area, both passively and actively (with automatic detection of suspicious behaviour of individuals, which can be interconnected with video streams for police officers). We are the developers of this solution and we have no problem with adding new features or modifying the existing ones for the purpose of your project.
What is the total price of the system including its installation and maintenance?
The price of the solution is determined by the required functions. On average, however, monitoring of one parking spot costs around 99 Eur. This includes both HW and SW, alongside with installation and maintenance.

To get a price proposition for your particular project, do not hesitate to contact us at info@parkingdetection.com

What are the forms of our possible cooperation and using of your system?
Parking Detection has an open API for integration of this system into higher units by the third parties. We are currently looking for integration and application partners/distributors of our solution. Apart from this we are, of course, dealing with individual projects from parking lot managers or municipal districts wanting to implement smart parking system. We are very flexible in dealing with customer’s particular requirements and we are always trying to find the most suitable solution that will best fit his/her project.
How to proceed if I’m interested in using of ParkingDetection on my parking lot?
Contact us on our contact e-mail (info@parkingdetection.com). We will go through the specifications and requirements of your project and give you a presentation of our present options. Then, based on your particular requirements, we will design a concrete solution.
Is the system reliable and field-tested?
ParkingDetection is based on advanced traffic artificial intelligence used already in our other project, DataFromSky (www.datafromsky.com). It has been tested for over a year in Scandinavia. In 2018, it entered the commercial market and now it already monitors more than 25 000 parking spots every second in several countries all over the world. We keep innovating our system on the basis of requirements of the users of our system. Do not hesitate to contact us and find out about the advantages and qualities of our smart parking solution.


Have a question that has not been answered in this FAQ section? Feel free to contact us at info@parkingdetection.com to get the information you need.

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