Smart parking with artificial intelligence

No more wasted time trying to find an empty parking spot
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Innovative, flexible, and smart

ParkingDetection system monitors the actual occupancy of a parking lot, provides its managers with valuable information and navigates drivers all the way to an empty parking spot.

ParkingDetection uses special cameras with advanced artificial intelligence for monitoring of parking lots. Our solution includes encrypted data transfer, web browser interface, mobile application for drivers with payment system and also a navigation system.

Parking rules

control and management


to empty parking spots



we have smart

solution for

Smart Cities

Residential parking (on-street)
P+R parking  Parking lots near urban institutions
Airports Hospitals and more…

Private Parking

Shopping centres – Hotel parking lots
Corporate parking lots – Logistic centres
Highway rest areas – and more


proves itself in traffic

The city of Cantú, Italy

The city of Cantú, Italy

Smart parking lot on mobile dataA new addition amongst parking lots monitored by the ParkingDetection is this time from the city of Cantú in Italy. The parking lot has 46 spots monitored by two cameras installed on the public lightning (see the photo from the...

Electric vehicles and parking

Electric vehicles and parking

We monitor parking spots with chargers, which are dedicated to electric vehiclesMonitoring of parking spots with charging stations for electric vehicles (EVs) – that is yet another potential use of a smart parking system. ParkingDetection can be interconnected with...

Key properties


Monitoring of parking lot’s occupancy in real time

A single camera covers up to 400 parking spots

Simple implementation of the whole solution with remote management and configuration

ParkingDetection is based on modular and configurable architecture. Our parking solution can be easily adapted based on the particular needs of your project.

Anonymous and safe data transfers, image data are not stored

Wireless encrypted communication with or without physical connection

Web browser interface for online management of a parking lot

What has been written about us

ParkingDetection in Smart City magazine D!CITY

ParkingDetection in Smart City magazine D!CITY

Smart cameras for cities of futureHow to solve growing traffic congestion, even without investing huge amounts of money into the building of new infrastructure? How to use actual parking spaces effectively and monitor their occupancy cheaply and precisely? How to use...

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A lookback at URBIS Smart City Fair 2019

A lookback at URBIS Smart City Fair 2019

Have you been there, too?The whole RCE systems team would like to thank all visitors of our stand on URBIS: Smart City Fair 2019, held in 5. and 6. 6. 2019 in Brno Fair Trade Centre. Hopefully our Smart City solutions sparked the interest in technologies and services...

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ParkingDetection at URBIS Smart City Fair 2019

ParkingDetection at URBIS Smart City Fair 2019

Several Smart city traffic solutions under one roofThe city of Brno is sometimes recognised as the „Czech Silicon Valley“, which is definitely due to the ever-increasing number of IT start-ups with smart technologies, providing with fascinating new possibilities not...

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