Private parking

Lowers parking time of your customers

Smart parking
on private parking lots

ParkingDetection is a great tool for increasing parking revenues of shopping centers, which also improves the overall experience and satisfaction of customers that arrive by car. While providing accurate occupancy information from the parking lot, ParkingDetection can also navigate drivers to an empty spot and save their time and nerves.

Information about unoccupied parking spots can be displayed at LED navigation panels, placed by the entrance of the shopping center. ParkingDetection’s mobile app can automatically notify the security if there is a badly parked vehicle or suspicious behaviour of persons on the parking lot. Standard functions also include detailed statistics about the utilization of a parking lot, control of maximum parking time and interconnection of payment systems to make payments for parking more easy and comfortable.

we have smart
solution for
rest areas
Highway rest areas 4.0
We introduce intelligent highway rest areas, which are not only for making parking automated and easier but also have many other valuable functions, such as automatic detection of driving in wrong-way and other possibly dangerous situations on the parking lot (such as vehicle fire).
Key properties
Navigation of drivers
to empty parking spots
Detailed statistics 
about parking lot’s utilization
Navigation directly
to the parking lot
Occupancy data from a smart data system can be used as an information tool for drivers, which will be easily navigated by our LED info panels to remaining empty parking spots.
Mobile application
for drivers
Drivers can use our mobile application to find the nearest empty parking spot faster and easier.
of parking time

With ParkingDetection, managers of parking lots can be informed about parking times of vehicles, check if they do not exceed the pre-defined parking limit etc.

of poor parking
The system automatically detects improper parking, such as cars parking at spots reserved only for trucks or buses.
Wrong-way driving

ParkingDetection can also detect if there is a vehicle driving in wrong-way and other potentially dangerous types of behavior.

proves itself in traffic
Implementing smart parking in Czechia

Implementing smart parking in Czechia

About customer Town of Písek is located in Southern Bohemia in the Czech Republic.  With its growing population of 30 000 inhabitants, the town is facing new traffic-related challenges. Ready to prepare the town for the future, the town council is open to introduce...

ParkingDetection overcomes the borders of continents

ParkingDetection overcomes the borders of continents

Smart cameras for cities of future Mission In general, the requirements for the deployment of the parking space monitoring system are through the following: real-time monitoring of parking spaces, detection and navigation to free places, measurement of vehicle parking...