ParkingDetection overcomes the borders of continents

Smart cameras for cities of future


In general, the requirements for the deployment of the parking space monitoring system are through the following: real-time monitoring of parking spaces, detection and navigation to free places, measurement of vehicle parking time and live views from a given location. It was no different in the case of the Malaysian city of Malacca, which is currently proactively trying to solve parking problems.


Thanks to our partner Enlightyx Sdn Bhd it was installed and launched on-street monitoring of parking places using CCTV cameras in February 2020, and all of that by using our ParkingDetection technology. A total of 117 on-street parking spaces are continuously analyzed on Jalan Bendahara Street in the city center. 14 CCTV cameras are used for monitoring of all mentioned places. That means, on average, one camera acts as 8 ground sensors. DNN Gateway with integrated ParkingDetection function is used for real-time analysis of all 14 video streams.


After the implementation of the new parking system, there was a significant reduction in the time spent searching for free space, the city also praises the overview of street occupancy and the associated available parking time statistics. In the future, Malacca city representatives plan to deploy this system on other streets that face higher traffic volumes.