Designing portable parking lots

A solution that can be presented with ease

What is perhaps the easiest way to show you how practical ParkingDetection is? An interactive and portable model of an actual parking lot, of course! The model has 13 parking spots in total, while 4 of them are longitudinal. One ParkingDetection camera and one ParkingDetection Gateway are included in the model which is self-supporting and can be placed even on other framework thanks to its removable pedestal. The car park includes vehicles from the Czech car manufacturer Škoda, but we can provide with other car brands if you like. Would you like to try-out the functionality of our system even before visiting our stand on expositions? Then visit us at our office in Brno, where one of these models is permanently put on display. These portable parking lot models can also be found at our partners – COWI A/S (Denmark) and ROELOFS (Netherlands).