Smart parking lot in the city of Třinec

Four cameras enough to observe every nook and cranny

ParkingDetection makes parking in Třinec much easier. With 55 parking spots located at the Freedom Square, four cameras are monitoring parking spots for personal vehicles, while each one of them has an eye on 13 parking spots, on average. This installation took advantage of one of the key functionalities of the ParkingDetection system – improving the accuracy of detection by observing individual spots from different angles. This also makes the system more robust overall, especially in case there would be some problem on the sensorial part.

According to the data collected within the last two months, the average occupancy of this parking lot was 60%, while the highest activity was detected between 2pm to 6pm. The parking lot has two entrances and one exit. Distribution of cameras and the plan of the parking lot is illustrated in the picture below. Occupancy data from the parking lot are integrated into higher units with open API.