ParkingDetection at URBIS Smart City Fair 2019

Several Smart city traffic solutions under one roof

The city of Brno is sometimes recognised as the „Czech Silicon Valley“, which is definitely due to the ever-increasing number of IT start-ups with smart technologies, providing with fascinating new possibilities not only when it comes to implementing these features into the administration of cities and large urban areas, but also to our daily life. URBIS Smart City Fair 2019 is a great place to be not only for municipal authorities, towns, municipalities, and citizens, but also for companies, and RCE systems will be there as well!

You will have a chance to look at some Smart City products that our company has to offer, which is not only ParkingDetection – a complex parking solution based on advanced AI and cameras – but also DataFromSky, an advanced software solution for traffic analysis not only with drones, but also with balloons, as you will see on the stand. Moreover, we will have a public presentation about drones, AI and traffic monitoring, also presenting our new product, DataFromSky LIGHT, on Digital stage at 5.6.2019, starting at 12:15. If you miss the first one, you can still visit our second presentation at URBIS, this time with our partner OMS Lighting, the following day at 14:30, as a part of a smart city solution called CitySys.

So, if you happen to be in Brno between 5th and 6th of June, we will be looking forward to seeing you at the stand no. 20 in Brno Trade Fair!