Havířov – small yet smart parking lot

17 parking places under surveillance

The Dlouhá třída street in the city of Havířov has been successfully monitored by ParkingDetection cameras for more than 12 months. Two ParkingDetection cameras, located on the rooftop of the adjacent building, are observing 17 parking spots. Even though it is not a large parking lot, smart cameras are still extremely price-efficient in comparison with other solutions. Apart from information about the actual occupancy, this type of parking solution also provides with image data from the parking lot, which allows for easy visual control of its current situation. The detection rate at this parking lot reaches almost 100% even when light conditions are not favorable.

Output data from the ParkingDetection system are interconnected with the information LED panel in front of the parking lot, which indicates its actual occupancy. This way ParkingDetection system can easily eliminate situations when drivers enter a parking lot which is already full at the moment. The system also collects data for detailed statistics about parking lot’s utilization in certain periods of time (days, hours) and about average parking times – e.g. the number of parking operations in the given time interval. These statistics show that it is a very busy parking lot, as the average occupancy is around 68 percent and the average parking time is 1 hour and 32 minutes.

Parking here is paid, and the collected data can be easily used to compare the actual parking turnover money with the amount that was to be collected according to these statistics. This comparison can be done automatically with a new ParkingDetection tariffication module called ParkingDetection Tariffs. In the case of interconnection with parking machine, it is possible to identify parking delicts in real-time.

The installation in the city of Havířov is a perfect example of how even a small parking lot can be managed very effectively with ParkingDetection. The collected data serves not only for the navigational purposes, but also as a information source for subsequent traffic development of the city. Would you like a similiar parking solution also in your city? Contact us at info@parkingdetection.com!