Smart City Polygon is also smart due to ParkingDetection

A unique place where the future becomes reality

ParkingDetection has become an integral part of the SMART CITY POLYGONU, operated by the OMEXOM GA Energo s.r.o company. The computing system for the image analysis was installed locally and uses data from 4 overhead cameras and 1 ALPR camera at the entrance for real time analysis. Soon a brand new and unique functionality will be introduced – number plate reading of every single parked vehicle using advanced surveillance algorithms.


And how does it all work? At the entrance of the parking lot, a special ALPR camera detects the vehicle and its number plate. While the information about its number plate is stored, the vehicle’s trajectory is then followed by an overhead camera, which also monitors the occupancy on the parking lot. If the vehicle stops at some of the monitored parking spots, the number plate information is stored as an attribute. This way ParkingDetection can also distinguish between different vehicle types and provide detailed information about parking time and number plates of the individual vehicles. The integration of this solution opens up fascinating new opportunities in the field of parking management, especially in cases where it is necessary to identify individual vehicles.